Are you planning to add an airboat excursion to your next Florida vacation? Choosing a tour company that prioritizes safety as much as adventure is essential! At Peace River Charters, we take safety very seriously, ensuring all our captains undergo thorough training and are licensed to operate airboats. Let’s look at some of the safety requirements that we follow to ensure the safety of our guests.

Top-Notch Training

One of the most crucial safety requirements for airboat tours is the Airboat Operators Course approved by The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Our captains take this extensive training course to learn the essential skills and safety guidelines for operating an airboat. Written and designed by the FWC, this course covers vital topics such as: 

  • Airboat orientation
  • Airboat maintenance
  • Required and recommended equipment
  • Operating airboats
  • Practical exercises

This training also covers safe boating practices, navigation rules, and wildlife regulations specific to Florida.

Our captains are licensed, highly skilled, and experienced in handling these powerful machines. They have received rigorous training for various safety procedures, including emergency drills, which are regularly updated to ensure maximum safety.

Day-Of Inspections

In addition to training courses and time on the water, our boats are thoroughly inspected. Our captains review all airboats and safety equipment, such as life jackets and navigation tools, to ensure everything functions correctly. We also enforce strict weight limit guidelines, ensuring airboats do not exceed the recommended limit.

Peace River Charters Leads the Way in Safety

As a commitment to airboat safety, Peace River Charters is an approved provider of the FWC course. To ensure the safety of our customers, staff, and community, we offer this course to our team and anyone who needs to fulfill the required standards. 

Join Us for the Next Airboat Operator Course

This October, Peace River Charters will once again provide the FWC-approved course! This three-day course includes one classroom day and two intricate and detailed practical days on an airboat with a Certified Airboat Captain Instructor. This course meets FWC standards for all airboat operators carrying passengers for hire. Pre-requisites exist to enroll. 

Please call us at 868-884-4000 for additional information or to register! Join us in our commitment to airboat safety to ensure airboat enthusiasts have a thrilling yet safe adventure every time!