A new resident is wandering the grounds of Peace River Charters — our Watusi cow! This majestic breed of cattle originates from the grasslands and meadows of Central Africa and brings a unique addition to our crew. Read on for more interesting facts about the Watusi, and don’t forget to book a Watusi ride on your next trip to Peace River Charters. 

A Distinctive Appearance

Watusi are easy to recognize thanks to some massive physical features. 

  • Horns
    Watusi have large, heavy horns that can span up to 8 feet in length and measure up to 30 inches around. The horns are primarily hollow but are full of blood vessels circulating through them that help disperse heat, helping them survive harsh conditions.
  • Large back muscles
    They have a significant muscle, or hump, on the top of their shoulder that supports the weight of the head and their large horns.
  • Skin flap
    Watusi Cows have a flap of skin called a dewlap. The dewlap is located underneath the head on the lower neck.
  • Color and Stature
    This breed is typically solid reddish-brown, but some may have white spots or specks. Watusi can stand over 6 feet tall and weigh roughly 1600 pounds.

Egyptian and Asian Ancestry

The Watusi are a descendant of two ancient cattle breeds: the Zebu longhorn, which migrated from Asia; and the Egyptian longhorn. 

Active and Social 

The Watusi breed is active and highly social. They prefer to live in a large herd for company and protection. They are very protective of the calves, and adults encircle the young when they sleep to stay ready to attack intruders.

Status Symbol

To the herding nomads in Africa, owning a Watusi brings respect and status! Bought to represent wealth, they can also be sold or bartered. 

Now that you know some facts about this interesting breed, book a Watusi ride on your next adventure with Peace River Charters. A ride on a Watusi is an excellent addition to our other tours! We’re located in DeSoto County, just a short drive from Sarasota, Venice, North Port, and Myakka City. Reserve today.