From fiery sunsets to gators sunning on the shore, there are many beautiful photo opportunities you’ll experience while taking a tour with Peace River Charters. Spending just a little time to create exciting photo compositions with focused subjects will make your photos pop and add appeal to your viewers. Follow along for tips on how to get that perfect shot. 

  • Shoot in the best light.
    The type of lighting you’re shooting in is one of the most important things to consider. Most outdoor photography is done in natural light, which is usually best when the sun is lower in the sky — either early morning or dusk. Often referred to as “golden hour,” these times of day provide warmer and softer light and make it easier to take great photos. Remember, if you must shoot in the middle of the day, an overcast sky is better than solid sunlight. 
  • Try a new perspective. Take a moment to think outside the box when considering the height or angle of your shot. Whether you snap a photo from water level or while lying on the ground, adding a unique perspective makes your photography exciting and more likely to stand out. 
  • Consider composition. When we see a beautiful landscape, a body of water, or an animal, we often take a quick snapshot of the moment. Spending time to plan how to compose the elements within the frame will help you convey your story and the mood of your photo. 
  • Consider the rule of thirds. This rule states that your subject should be placed off-center rather than in the middle of the frame. 
  • Try using negative space to emphasize your subject. Negative space means there is a large amount of empty space. This space will isolate your subject, creating a strong focal point in your image. 
  • Use the sky as a background. The sky makes an excellent background for birds flying overhead or taking photos of tall plants and trees. Shooting from a low angle isolates and shows your subject from a new perspective. Sunrise and sunset skies also provide an excellent background for nature shots. 

The great thing about nature photography is that you are surrounded by your subject. Be observant. There are no limits to what you can capture: landscapes, wildlife, insects, flowers, water, birds, sunsets, trees, and the list goes on! 

Practice your skills on your next tour with Peace River Charters! We’re located in DeSoto County, just a short drive from Sarasota, Venice, North Port, and Myakka City. Reserve your airboat or swamp buggy tour today!