From increasing your cardiovascular health to helping you relax, horses can influence your physical and mental health in ways you might not realize. Horseback riding offers stress reduction, confidence building, and a way to connect to nature. Here are some reasons everyone should go on a horseback ride

  • It’s relaxing. Connecting with horses is great for your mental health. Horseback riding is relaxing. Therapeutic riding has been shown to reduce muscle tension and provide an overall sense of calm. Connecting with an animal lowers stress levels and incidences of anxiety and depression. It’s good for the soul! 
  • It helps you connect with nature. Horseback riding brings us out into the fresh air and closer to nature, and who doesn’t need more of that? By spending more time outside in sunlight and fresh air, we feel better in mind and body. 
  • It lets you explore new areas. Horseback riding offers a way to see the world. Trail riding allows you to see parts of the country you may not have otherwise and that you can’t access by car. Is there an area of the country you’ve always wanted to visit? Search for trail rides in that area and experience your destination from a different perspective.
  • It’s fun! Anyone who has sat on the back of a horse knows that it is just plain fun. Riding can make you feel more alive than other hobbies. There is a sense of adventure to it. It offers freedom and movement, and there is a total thrill with galloping across an open field in tune with your mount.
  • It gives you a way to connect with animals. Animals can bring out the best in us, and that’s especially true for horses. Their role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle means making time to ride isn’t just for fun, it’s also good for your health! 

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