The holiday break is more than just a pause from school. It’s an opportune time to explore, learn, and discover beyond textbooks and the classroom. From thrilling airboat tours to serene horseback rides, each activity along the river serves as a way to continue learning about the region’s wildlife, terrain, and history! Read on to discover how your break can be educational and fun with Peace River Charters. 

Airboat Tours: Glide across the river’s surface on an airboat, experiencing the unique ecosystem firsthand. These tours are exciting and family-oriented! You’ll discover 20 miles of the Peace River as your guide offers insights into the various wildlife, reptiles, and amazing scenery. Our knowledgeable guides love answering questions!  

Swamp Buggy Tours: Delve into the heart of the terrain aboard a swamp buggy. These rugged vehicles navigate through diverse landscapes, offering glimpses of ecosystems that support an array of plant and animal life.

Fishing Charters: Beyond the thrill of catching fish, fishing charters present opportunities to learn about aquatic ecosystems. Guides often share insights into fish species, their habitats, and the river’s importance in maintaining biodiversity.

Fossil Hunts: The Peace River is a treasure trove for fossil enthusiasts. Engage in hands-on learning while searching for ancient relics and discovering remnants of prehistoric creatures that once roamed these lands.

Horseback Rides: Saddle up for a leisurely ride along the riverbanks. Wind through a wilderness tail by the river and then through the Florida cypress hammocks. Apart from learning horsemanship, these rides offer a chance to observe the landscape up close. Your experience guide will narrate the tour for a personalized one-on-one experience. 

The Peace River’s terrain is a unique mix of wetlands, cypress swamps, and lush forests. The river meanders through these diverse landscapes, allowing visitors to witness the intricacies of each ecosystem. Make this break a time for meaningful and educational exploration, join us for a tour! We’re located in DeSoto County, just a short drive from Sarasota, Venice, North Port, and Myakka City. Book your holiday tour today