Exploring the Peace River by a canoe is a fun and peaceful way to enjoy nature! Canoe tours offer a way to get an up close view and observe the active wildlife. While this is exciting and adventurous, there are a few things to keep in mind to stay safe around animal life, especially alligators. Understanding alligator behavior and knowing what to do if you spot one can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

  • Brush up on alligator behavior.
    Alligators are generally more active during warmer months and tend to be most active at dusk and dawn. They are primarily attracted to food sources such as fish, turtles, and small mammals. Being aware of patterns can help paddlers plan their outings accordingly and reduce the risk of encounters. 
  • Avoid areas known for high alligator activity.
    When heading out on your paddle check local guidelines or consult with your tour guide for any specific precautions or restrictions in the area you plan to explore. Our experienced staff will inform you of any areas to avoid because of gator activity.  
  • Be mindful of your actions.
    Keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle or boat. If you do happen to spot an alligator while canoeing, it is essential not to approach or provoke the animal in any way. Give them a wide berth and maintain a safe distance at all times. It is also advisable not to feed or throw anything toward them as this can encourage aggressive behavior. 
  • Leave the area quietly. In the event that an alligator approaches your boat or exhibits signs of aggression such as hissing or lunging toward you, remain calm and slowly retreat from the area without making any sudden movements. Unless provoked, alligators are generally more interested in defending their territory than attacking humans.

Remember that respecting wildlife and their natural habitats is crucial for both your safety and theirs while enjoying outdoor activities like canoeing. By following these guidelines, paddlers can minimize potential risks associated with encountering alligators while on the water.

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